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Right from the invention of World Wide Web, internet has become a part of our everyday life. We have reached a point where internet has become a basic necessity.  Internet freedom and net neutrality has became a trending topic in recent years.

So, what is net neutrality?

All websites on the internet must be equally accessible to everyone on the planet.  When you buy an internet plan, your service provider must provide you full access to any website you want without any restriction. One must be able to access all the information on the internet at same speed.  That means, no discrimination on any content regardless of its source.

The term “net neutrality” was coined by Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu. According to him, a public information network will end up being most successful if all content, sites and platforms are treated equally. Net neutrality supports the idea of an open internet where full resources of the internet are completely accessible to each and every individual.

Supporting this idea leads to a more transparent web. All individuals and companies depending on the internet must be able to easily connect and do business without any interference from a third party.

Okay, what is

Source: by Facebook

Source: by Facebook

Many of you might have already heard about Facebook’s  For those who don’t know, let me explain you quickly. is an initiative by social media giant Facebook along with its partners including Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm. provides free internet access to selected services in less developed countries. In the name of Free Basics, they provide free access to services like news, maternal health, travel, local jabs, sports, communication, and local government information.  It means free data access to a limited set of websites including Facebook, Messenger, Wikipedia, and Google Search.

This means that, not all of the content on the internet can be accessed through this program. By providing an affordable access to a few selected content on the internet, they plan to develop business models around the provision of internet access. and Net Neutrality

Since its launch, it has been heavily criticized for violating net neutrality. It provides limited access to internet services by discriminating against companies that are not participating in the platform. This provides an unfair advantage to the participating companies over the others. All the other websites on the internet remains paid. Facebook announced that the Platform would be opened to all websites that meet its criteria. But still many of the Facebook’s competitors are not fully accessible through this platform.

Google Search is available through this platform. Individuals in these countries can search information though clicking through the Google search results will require a data plan.  This means that, those who does not have a data plan, will not be able to access the website he clicks through Google results unless it is participating in platform. Unless provides full access to all the websites on the internet, it is a violation of net neutrality and a barrier to the open internet.

Free Basics App by

Source: Free Basics App by’s app named Free Basics is currently available in 37 countries in Africa and Asia Pacific. They continue to cover more countries in the following years by partnering with telecom operators in these regions.

What it means to your internet start-up? 

Since it’s launch, many startups  have pulled out of in support of net neutrality. aims to increase internet access in developing markets like India, Kenya and Zambia, mainly in rural areas where people are still getting started to familiarize with the internet and may not be able to afford data plans.  Facebook and its partners are looking to expand their services among the untapped internet uses in these countries.

In an interview with The Guardian,  the inventor of the World Wide Web,  Tim Berners-Lee said people should “just say no” to the project.

When Facebook was a startup, it gained its users through the neutrality of the internet where users had full freedom to access the websites of their choice. However,’s limited access creates a situation wherein startup services and businesses that are not in the’s platform would be disadvantaged. While the remains firm with their goal, many of the businesses still remain out of this platform. Do you support for your business? Let us know your thoughts in comments section.

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