Alto Mail by AOL | Overview

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Aol has introduced a mail service known as “Alto” with a new approach towards organizing your emails. The new web based email client allows you to organize, send and receive emails by connecting your email accounts.
You don’t have to sign up with a new email id to use Alto mail. You can connect your Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL mail or iCloud with Alto and start receiving all your emails from various accounts at one place.

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Once connected with your existing email id, Alto automatically organizes the data from your mails as separate stacks. Images and attachments from your mails are organized as separate stacks. This makes it easier to discover files and attachments from your old mails.
It also has separate stacks for social network notifications and daily deals and let you create your own stacks. New stacks can be created based on recipients, senders, keywords, subject etc.
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Alto mail can connect up to five email accounts per user. The new Alto is currently in private beta. If you like to give it a try, request an invite from Alto  by providing your email address here.
Source: Altomail
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