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This article was originally published on October 30, 2012.

google data center network room

Council Bluffs, Iowa
Fiber optic cables connecting the Google data centers are 200,000 times faster than a home internet speed. Google’s data center at Council Bluffs has an area if 115,000 square feet.

google data center servers
Council Bluffs, Iowa

The steel beams above the data servers helps in providing support to the structure and distribute power to the servers. The cold air for cooling is served through the floors.

Google Council Bluffs data center
Council Bluffs, Iowa
google data center Iowa
Council Bluffs, Iowa

The colorful pipes in the data centers carry water for cooling purpose. Blue pipes carry cold water and warm water is taken back through red pipes. G-bike seen in the picture is used by Google team to travel around their vast data centers.

google data center Douglas County
Douglas County, Georgia

Energy efficient blue LED lights used in servers denote that the servers are running correctly.

google data servers
Douglas County, Georgia

Hamina, Finland

Back up tapes with unique bar codes are arranged in Google data center at Berkeley County, California.

Google data center Berkeley County
Berkeley County, California

Water for cooling data servers is supplied from these giant tanks. These tanks can store up to 240,000 gallon (i.e) 900,000 liters of water.

Google data center South Carolina
Berkeley County, California

Inside the server racks, hot air from all the servers are passed into the cooling unit through which the air is recirculated.

Google servers Mayes County
Berkeley County, California

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