• Engineering

    RoboBee Can Fly, Perch on Surfaces Using Static Electricity

    A robot inspired by bee The RoboBee, developed at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab, weighs less than four thousandths of an ounce can incredibly fly and stick under many surfaces like leaves, buildings and wires. It weighs only 100mg which is similar...

  • Airbus hybrid helicopter


    Airbus Recently Patented the World’s Fastest Hybrid Helicopter

    The patented experimental helicopter is a hybrid version of Airbus Eurocopter X3 which is currently in development status. Usually, modern commercial helicopters can fly at speeds ranging from 150 to 160 miles per hour. US army’s CH-47F Chinook which...

  • Plastic microbeads


    What are those microbeads in our personal care products?

    If you haven’t heard about microbeads before, they are tiny plastic microspheres widely used in our personal care products like soap and toothpaste. These plastic particles are so tiny that they are not filtered out through sewage...