• A picture showing applications of calculus in sports


    How to Apply Calculus in Sports to Improve Performance

    Believe it or not, mathematics plays an important role in the field of sports. Coaches, athletes, trainers often use mathematics to gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts. With statistics of games, statistics of players and probabilities...

  • Bacteria under microscope showing the dilemma of good and bad bacteria


    The Dilemma of Good and Bad Bacteria

    If we erase all good and bad bacteria on earth right now, then human beings, plants, animals and every other form of life will cease to exist. Being invisible to our naked eye, these single-celled organisms are...

  • A manual transmission stick shift to show if manual or automatic safer


    Manual or Automatic Safer for Driving in Modern Day Traffic?

    Manual or Automatic safer? This is a never-ending debate that has been going on for decades. Brand new cars and motorbikes are being introduced into the market every day. Modern-day traffic has forced us to think cautiously...

  • solving problems


    Who Is Best at Solving Problems, an Engineer or a Scientist?

    Both Scientists and Engineers improve the ways we run the world. They are best at what they do. They both have a good understanding of science and mathematics. These two careers may work in the same field but...

  • Engineering

    RoboBee Can Fly, Perch on Surfaces Using Static Electricity

    A robot inspired by bee The RoboBee, developed at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab, weighs less than four thousandths of an ounce can incredibly fly and stick under many surfaces like leaves, buildings and wires. It weighs only 100mg which is similar...

  • Airbus hybrid helicopter


    Airbus Recently Patented the World’s Fastest Hybrid Helicopter

    The patented experimental helicopter is a hybrid version of Airbus Eurocopter X3 which is currently in development status. Usually, modern commercial helicopters can fly at speeds ranging from 150 to 160 miles per hour. US army’s CH-47F Chinook which...

  • Plastic microbeads


    What are those microbeads in our personal care products?

    If you haven’t heard about microbeads before, they are tiny plastic microspheres widely used in our personal care products like soap and toothpaste. These plastic particles are so tiny that they are not filtered out through sewage...

  • Greentech

    How African Nations can become Solar Super Powers

    Africa is often called as the “Sun continent” because it receives more sunshine hours than any other continent on Earth. Africa receives plenty of sunshine and deserts like Sahara, Namib and Kalahari. Deserts make up two fifth of...

  • Internet

    Your Start-up, Net Neutrality and

    Right from the invention of World Wide Web, internet has become a part of our everyday life. We have reached a point where internet has become a basic necessity.  Internet freedom and net neutrality has became a trending...

  • Engineering

    How Strong is a Bicycle Helmet to Protect Your Head?

    Do you wear a bicycle helmet? If yes, then you must know these facts. If no, still you need to know its importance. Wearing a bicycle helmet is always safer than not wearing one. Bicycle accidents can...