World’s largest off-shore wind turbine 2014

Wind power is becoming one of the largest renewable energy source in modern world. Current researches on wind turbine focuses on extracting maximum power from the wind. New wind turbines have been designed to meet the requirements.

For example, airborne wind turbine technology by Altaeros Energies is suitable for high altitude winds. Now Siemens, a German multinational conglomerate company along with DONG Energy is building the largest wind turbine having blades of length 75 metres. 

The wind turbine is planned to be installed off the Britain coast from 2014. The blades are only slightly smaller than the Airbus A380 wingspan which is 79.8 metres. Each blade is is made from two pieces of carbon fibre.

The rotor diameter is 154 metres and has a swept area of 18,600 square metres. According to Siemens, it can generate upto 6MW that can supply power to 6,000 households.

It requires a special truck to transports these blades to their place of installation which is at distance from the factory.

These offshore wind turbines is capable of producing more energy than the onshore wind turbines. European countries are looking forward into offshore power generation to meet the future energy requirements.

Credits: Siemens, DONG Energy

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