DARPA uses Android for processing images to soldiers

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Pixel Network (PIXNET) aims to create helmet-mounted and clip-on camera systems that combines visible, infrared and near infrared sensors into one single system.

DARPA Pixel Network Android Soldier
As soldiers required to engage in remote locations, they need clear visualization to identify the targets and take images. DARPA’s Dynamic Visualization program is created to serve this purpose.

The portable camera systems has to be small, light weight, minimal power consumption, low manufacturing cost, easy to use, network capabilities, share  images with fellow solders and reduce the burden of war fighters.

DARPA Pixel Network Camera
To minimize the size and energy consumption, PIXNET will interface with an Android smartphone to increase the processing speed. Android smartphones will be utilized for fusing multi-band images and provide networking among various units.

Google’s Android OS, which is becoming the most popular mobile operating system has now found applications in defense sector. DARPA instructs developers to create Android apps that can be used for PIXNET.

Credits: DARPA

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