New Blogger mobile app for Android and iOS

Due to the increasing usage of smart mobile devices, mobile blogging has reached great heights. To meet the requirements of faster mobile blogging, Google’s blogger has released new mobile app for publishing blog posts on the go.
Blogger is the popular blog publishing service launched in 1999 by Pyra labs. It is then bought by Google in 2003 and hosted at subdomain. 

The free Android app is created for easy publishing and sharing posts. The new version of the app has various improvements in its interface. 

Posts can be composed and saved or published on a landscape screen with sharing on Google+. 

The app is supported in 30+ international languages. The app is also works on iPad and other android tablets. 

Easy to switch between blogs and viewing  list of saved or published posts. 

Image for the posts can be simply imported from your mobile gallery or take a picture directly from your mobile camera.

Some of the screenshots from Android and iOS.

For Android, download the app from Google play store – Download.
For iOS app – Download.

Source: Blogger Buzz

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