Google News for tablets gets a new interface

google news for tablets

The amount of Android tablets and mobile users have been consistently increasing. Android had 75% worldwide market share as of third quarter of 2012 with already more than 500 million gadgets and 1.3 million new devices per day.

People are more used to read news on the go. For this reason, most people prefer tablets and smartphones as a tool for reading every day news. 

Google News, launched in September 2002 by Google Inc, provides latest news from thousands of news websites. Google news is getting six billion visits per month and counting. 

Google News for tablets is getting a new interactive interface with more natural and fluid experience. You can easily browse new articles and selective topics.

You can swipe horizontally between news sections in top or tap to explore more than one article and information about a particular article. The news articles are spaced well for easily spotting your favorite news.

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SourceGoogle News Blog: A better Google News experience on tablets

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