AIRO wrist band takes health monitoring to a new level

AIRO wrist band
The AIRO wrist band from the startup AIRO Health automatically monitors your nutrition intake, stress patterns, daily exertion and sleep quality. What makes it stand out from other traditional health trackers is that combines sleep, exercise, stress tracking along with your calorie intake.

How does AIRO wrist band track your nutrition?

The AIRO makes use of a special built in spectrometer that is embedded on it to track your calories consumed and quality of your meals. The information will be displayed on AIRO app installed in your device.

What is a spectrometer doing in a health tracker?

Nutrients have different light properties. When human body breaks down the food during and after meals, the spectrometer will detect the amount of light that passes through the bloodstream based on green, red and infra-red patterns. If you ate a candy, the wrist band will show an increase in sugar intake. Not just sugar intake, it also displays protein, fats, carbohydrates.

AIRO wrist band

How does it track your stress?

AIRO monitors your stress levels based on your heart rate. If the band senses you are in a high stress level, it will vibrate to alert you. The AIRO app will suggest you to take breathing exercises or some sleep whenever required.

How does it monitors your exercise?

Like it monitors stress, it makes use of your heart rate along with calories burned and counting steps to monitor the intensity of your workout. If you worked out too much, the app will suggest you to take rest for you to get back on track.

How does it monitor your sleep?

AIRO tracks your circadian rhythm and can see distinct sleep cycles. The band will wake you up at the right time when required by vibration. The app shows the hours you slept along with related information.

The AIRO not only warns you but also provides recommendations to deal with it. Slowly AIRO gets smarter by learning your health patterns. AIRO will be available sometime in 2014. To know more about when it will be available, visit their website.

Source: AIRO Health