Logitech K310 washable waterproof keyboard

Spilled something on your keyboard and cant able to clean it well? Logitech has come up with a new waterproof washable keyboard K310. The keyboard has drainage holes which is easy for cleaning and drying. 

The characters in the keys are laser printed and coated with UV to make sure they don’t fade away due to washing. The keys are designed with withstand any surface scratches or damage (i.e) they are durable. 
It has a rubberdome key technology and keyboard legs are 8° tilted. To use the keyboard, no software is needed to be installed. Plug in the keyboard and you can start typing with it. K310 is available for USD 
It has 12 hot keys that let you to easily access internet, email, volume etc. Use F1 to go home, F2 takes you to your email, F3 starts a search and F4 to use calculator. Hit F5 to launch your media player, F6 for previous track and F8 to skip the tracks.

Hitting F7 will play or pause your tracks. To control volume, use F9 to mute, F10 and F11 to increase or decrease the volume. When you are done working in your computer, simply hitting F12 makes your PC to sleep. 
While washing, follow the instructions given by Logitech in Quick Start Guide. Wash the keyboard only with hand with mild soap and less than 30cm (11 inches) deep in water and less than 50°C (120°F). 

Do not wash the keyboard in dishwasher. Make sure you don’t submerge your USB cable in water. Do not use abrasives or alcohol, solvents or any strong detergents. Logitech gives a 3 year hardware warranty for this K310 keyboard. 

Logitech is not new in coming up with unique products. Previously we have seen Logitech solar wireless keyboard K760 AND K750 and mouse M705 in Green Accessories For Natural Computing.

Credits: Logitech