The world’s first certified electric aircraft: Alpha Electro

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The future of air transportation is going to be taken over by all-electric aircraft. The two-seater aircraft designed and produced by Slovenian-based company Pipistrel is the world’s first certified electric aircraft.

Pipistrel Alpha Electro has received the Australian Light Sports Aircraft certification. It holds a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Special Certificate of Airworthiness.

The first flight

Electro Aero is the Australian owner of the aircraft who has accomplished a successful first flight on 2nd January 2018, aircraft flew two circuits in the air traffic pattern at Jandakot airport in Perth. This is the first time a certified electric aircraft has flown in Australia. And on 22nd January, the aircraft successfully completed the world’s first cross-country flight by a certified electric light sports aircraft.

It’s 100% electric!

The Alpha Electro has substantially lower running and maintenance costs compared to petrol-engined aircraft. It is equipped with the latest high tech features such as a semi-glass cockpit and ballistic recovery parachute.

World’s first certified electric aircraft cockpit
The cockpit of Pipistrel Alpha Electro (Photo: Electro.Aero)


 Engine Electric engine (solid-state motor)
 Engine power 60kw (take-off) and 20kw (cruise)
 Battery Two lithium-ion batteries
 Battery charging time 45 minutes
 Endurance 90 minutes (60 minutes with a 30-minute reserve)
 Cruise speed 85 knots (97.8 mph)
 Take-off distance 265 m
 Landing distance 460 m
 Empty weight 380 kg
 Maximum take-off weight 550 kg
 Electricity cost $3 per hour (compared to $30/hour for a petrol engine)
 Aircraft cost $150,000
 Safety Ballistic Recovery Parachute

The aircraft’s structure is all-composite which makes it light-weight. The design of Alpha electro is closely based on their Pipistrel Alpha petrol-engined aircraft. The aircraft has just one moving part, which is the propeller shaft.

World's first certified electric aircraft propeller shaft
Propeller shaft of Alpha electro (Photo: Pipistrel)

Say goodbye to aircraft noise pollution

Noise pollution is a major issue in areas around airports. Like electric cars, electric aircraft eliminates the need for a conventional engine. This makes Alpha electro amazingly quiet compared to other conventional engined light sports aircraft.

World's first certified electric aircraft battery
Alpha electro’s lithium-ion battery (Photo: Pipistrel)

Electric aircraft pilot training

Electro.Aero has launched Australia’s first electric aircraft pilot training program, allowing new students to get trained all the way to Recreational Pilot Certificate in their Pipistrel Alpha Electro. Their training provides all the standard piloting lessons such as stalls, steep turns, circuits, emergency landings, etc.

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