Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle with robotic arm – V-Bat

V-Bat, an autonomous UAV with vision driven robotic arm funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) successfully completed its test. Its robotic arm is capable of carrying upto 1 pound.
The UAV’s vision system coupled with GPS (Global Positioning System) identifies the position of the target relative to its hovering position in real time. The UAV searches, finds the target and engages in action using its robotic arm.
vbat UAV
The image shows the UAV’s arm advancing into the air while the vehicle is hovering.
Its precision emplacement technology will be useful for precise long range delivery of small payloads to places that are hard to reach by humans. This will further increase the capabilities of future unmanned aerial vehicles.
The vehicle’s arm extend upto 6 feet with 1 pound payload. The V-Bat is built by MLB company and was demonstrated successfully by them. The V-bat is capable of vertical take off and landing (VTOL).
vbat UAV
Once the object is delivered, the robotic arm retracts and UAV disengages. In the demonstration, the UAV autonomously handled an one pound payload.

Credits: DARPA

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