Eclipsing of dimensions – the mystery of time

time and antitime
In our world Time is advancing in a forward direction from the neutral zero to positive zero. Then you could ask why has not come to an end or will it come to an end? The answer is that the distance between the positive zero and neutral zero is infinity.  The time could never end but time could freeze or otherwise become stable. 

Nature likes equilibrium very much that it wants all the elements of every aspect must be stable. That is why most reactions are fast reactions. And they say that “There is a good thing behind every evil”, right? It’s true in case of black holes. 

Time is stable inside a black hole. Though black holes are considered to be destructive, this is their purpose. These things spark a thought that there could be GOD. Well, maybe? Or may not be? And how come time is definite and measurable by us? Because it has a value somewhere inside infinity. And Time is continuous and NOT discrete. 

There is this negative dimension where time is running in the opposite direction rendering the possibility that there could be a parallel universe. Also it could deal with the possibility of travelling into past or whatever time we want if we were GODS.

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