Grasshopper by SpaceX – vertical takeoff and landing rocket

Grasshopper is a reusable rocket currently under development by SpaceX (Space eXploration Technologies). The vertical takeoff and landing vehicle is undergoing flight tests at SpaceX McGregor, Texas Facility.

The Grasshopper is an ambitious project by SpaceX to develop fully reusable suborbital launch vehicles. SpaceX engineers are working on this new technology which allows the rocket to land back in the same position.
Watch the test flight of the Grasshopper as it takes off to an altitude of 130 feet, hovers and lands safely on the launch pad using thrust vectoring and throttle controls.

The vehicle is 10 stories tall including a Falcon 9 rocket stage at first, Merlin 1D engine, four steel legs equipped with hydraulic dampers for better landing and a steel structure for support.

According to SpaceX, the Grasshopper will undergo further sophisticated testing in following months.

Image and Video: SpaceX

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