Know unknown calls with Current Caller ID app

A new android app from WhitePages connects your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with Caller ID on your smart phone. The application named “Current” once installed on your phone, identifies all business, home and mobile phone numbers from the WhitePages directory.

Now Caller ID is not just a name for smart phone users. More than 300 million and counting phone numbers are added in the directory. It also shows the latest Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn updates from your friends.

It is designed in a way that you wont miss any update from your closest ones in between all other updates. It also displays news and weather updates from your friends. You will stay up-to-date with information about the caller.

Whether it is an incoming number or an outgoing number. the app will keep you updated. The app also shows info-graphics about your calls and texts with friends.

Frequent callers widget makes it easy to connect and know updates about your favorite contacts. Current Caller ID app for android can be downloaded at Google Play.

Credits: WhitePages, Google