AIRE mask phone charger

A newly proposed device could soon be using the power of your lungs to recharge your mobile devices.

Although it’s still looking to go into production, the hope is that by using the AIRE mask to recharge your devices it will reduce the carbon imprint required to charge your phone. The device can be used in almost any situation from exercising to siting at your computer.

AIRE mask phone charger

It can be used indoors or outdoors, while you’re sleeping, walking, running or even reading a book. Besides saving energy and helping environmental preservation, it also encourages physical exercise. Its energy is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Though many of our modern gadgets offer benefits, they tend to use a high amount of electrical energy. Harnessing energy from human activities and transforming it into electricity is possible and is a great solution.
Air mask phone charger
Soon going for a run won’t just help your fitness levels, it’ll give your phone a boost. Thanks to an ingenious new invention that uses the air from your lungs to charge it. Inventor Joco Paulo Lammoglia, from Rio de JaneiroBrazil, said the device could be used in all situations from running to sleeping. 

The clever piece of kit harnesses the wind power created by breathing and converts it into electricity to run anything from your iPod to your mobile.

AIRE mask charging device

The electronic mask contains tiny wind turbines and the energy created is transferred through a cable to your electronic device.

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