Sat navs of tomorrow

Satellite navigation has been a godsend to tens of millions of people around the world today, almost single handedly wiping out any male bravado regarding asking strangers for directions.

To any members of the fairer sex who wonders why this is the case, it’s just not manly to ask directions, if we were in the stone age we couldn’t just ask a rival tribe to navigate us to the nearest watering hole. We’d be killed!

This attitude is simply programmed in us men. If we ask for directions, we could be brutally murdered. Well maybe not as extreme a scenario as that, but still it’s pretty embarrassing to not know where you’re going and in this article we will cover how getting you to your destination may just get a little easier.

So without further adieu what’s in the pipeline:

Vibrating steering wheels!

Doesn’t sound too safe, but we’re sure when it is out of the drawing room it will be more than safe enough to go into the mainstream market.

The concept is to gently vibrate the steering wheel either to the left or right of the road depending on what turn is necessary. It could come in handy should you like to have your music booming when you’re in transit.

To be specific it is called haptic feedback, it’s a technology that blind people use so that they know when a button has been pressed it gives a little vibration to confirm.

In this new form of satellite navigation it is suggested that you will feel the vibration coming from one end of the steering wheel to the other. I don’t know about you, but when using sat navs in the past there has numerous turns that I’ve missed, so this new bit of kit would be a welcome technological addition to my car.

If you’ve read my previous article on digiTash you will already know about certain advancements in driving technology aiming at making driving that little easier.

In my humble opinion, cars are getting dangerously close to getting smarter than us.

Until my next article I’ll be under a bomb shelter hoping that cars don’t become self aware…Like in Terminator. Scary.

Article written by: Benet Thomas 

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