How to reduce car temperature during summers?

How to reduce car temperature during summers?

When your car is parked under the direct sunlight for hours, the temperature inside your car will get too hot, especially during summers. You can try the following aerodynamic techniques to reduce your car temperature.

When Your Car Is Stationary

Open and Close Door Ventilation Technique

  1. Open one of your passenger windows. Open it all the way down.
  2. Then repeatedly open and close your driver side door at least five times.
  3. This will effectively draw out the hot air through your door and draw in the cool outside air through the opened window.
  4. Now, the temperature inside your car could have been cooled down nearly to the temperature of outside air.
  5. Before you do this, make sure the environment is safe to apply this technique.

When Your Car Is Moving

Cross Window Ventilation Technique

  1. Open one of your back passenger side window and one of your driver side window at the opposite corners.
  2. Opening your car windows at the opposite corners of the car creates a cross-ventilation while your car is on the move.
  3. Hot air escapes through the back window and cool air is drawn in through the front side window.

Some Tips to Keep Your Car Cool

  1. Always park your car in the shade. Overheating can damage your car. By parking the car in the shade, you can increase the life of your car.
  2. Use windshield sunshades. Sunshades will protect the interior of your car from overheating especially when your car is parked in the Sun. Window tinting can also help in keeping the insides of your car cooler and adds UV protection.
  3. When it is safe enough, leave your car windows slightly open while driving so that the hot air is not trapped inside your car. If your car has a sunroof, open it a little bit to let the hot air out.

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