Need for avionics in civil, military and space systems

Avionics are advanced electronics used in aircraft, spacecraft and satellites. These systems perform various functions including communication, navigation, flight control, display systems, flight management etc. There is a great need for advanced avionics in civil, military and space systems.

need for avionics in civil military and space
Civil aircraft
  • For better flight control, performing computations and increased control over flight control surfaces.
  • For navigation, provide information using sensors like Altitude and Head Reference System (AHRS).
  • Provide air data like altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Reduce crew workload.
  • Increased safety for crew and passengers.
  • Reduction in aircraft weight which can be translated into increased number of passengers or long range.
  • All weather operation
  • Reduction in aircraft maintenance cost.

Military aircraft
  • Avionics in fighter aircraft eliminates the need for a second crew member like navigator, observer etc., which helps in reducing the training costs.
  • A single seat fighter is lighter and costs less than an equivalent two seat version.
  • Improved aircraft performance, control and better handling.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Secure communication.

Space systems
  • Fly-by-wire communication system used for space vehicle’s attitude and translation control.
  • Sensors used in the spacecraft for obtaining data.
  • Autopilot redundancy system.
  • On-board computers used in satellites for processing the data.

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