Green accessories for a natural computing

Our environment is getting polluted day by day in all possible means. Pollution not only occurs outdoors but also in your home or office. You have heard of Computer pollution.

Personal computers, components and laptops are often disposed as electronic wastes. They are continuously degrading the environment and affects the quality of soil and air.
A good ventilation system would help make the indoor air better but still we can stop or reduce this computer pollution in the first case. It’s in the hand of manufacturers to make computers more environment friendly.

Few accessories makes your day greener. They are not only power efficient but also gives your home or office a unique style. Finally, it’s in your hands to choose the best accessory.

OLED monitors
Organic Light Emitting Diode monitors are power efficient than LCD and CRT monitors. Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors use mercury which is non-degradable.
LED monitors doesn’t use mercury and also consumes 40% less power than the LCD monitors. LED monitors are usually slimmer than LCD.

Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard
The new keyboards K760 and K750 doesn’t need sunlight to get charged but recharges whenever a light is available. It can stay charged up to three months in darkness.
This PVC-free keyboard is only 1/3 inch thick with a stream lined body and soft keys. It doesn’t require any software but just a USB port.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705
Logitech’s M705 wireless mouse can work up to three years using just a set of batteries. This reduces the frequent use of batteries.
iZen Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse
There are many people out there who love products made of wood. Bamboos are bio-degradable and provides a greener looks.
Handcrafted iZen bamboo keyboard and mouse is environment friendly and connects with your desktop or laptop via USB port.
Similarly bamboo can be used as mouse pad further reducing the use of plastics or non-degradable materials.

Audioengine Bamboo Speakers
These bamboo speakers provides you a greener music and a gives your computer a unique style.
It provides high sound quality with built-in amplifiers and lets you to connect it to iDevice, computer or TV or any other audio component.

thinksound ms01 headphones
These handcrafted headphones are PVC-Free and has wooded housing for better sound quality. It has a ultra-lightweight design and passive noise cancellation and are extremely environment friendly.

Wooden flash drives
As previously mentioned, wooden products are useful and provide safety in a number of ways. Flash drives made of bamboo are shock proof and safe to environment.
Wooden flash drives are made by a variety of manufacturers. They are cheap and easily available at the market.

It these type of accessories are used extensively by everyone, it eventually leads all other manufacturers to make more eco-friendly innovations in the future. 

Only few accessories have been mentioned here. Whats your choice for an environmental friendly computer accessory? Leave your comments below.

Credits: University Of Philippines Open University (UPOU), LG, Logitech, iZen, Audioengine, thinksound.

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