World’s slimmest tablet Archos G10 XS

A brand new Archos Android tablet is on the way, and just like its cost-sensitive predecessors, we expect this lovely looking new transformable piece of equipment to be a mass release. 

The folks at Archos have never been shy about their ability to release tablets with a lower price-tag than the competition at the same time as offering many of the same high-rise specifications as their peers, this unit looking to do just that once again.

archos g10 xs

This is the Archos G10 XS series tablet PC, and by the looks of it, it’ll be a flipping open and converting type. This Android tablet is in fact completely made of stainless steel and that is a first for a tablet. This metal is much harder than aluminum and will therefore help protect your tablet. 

The materials have also much thinner than other materials, which in turn has positive effects for the dimensions. Probably the tablet may be heavier.

This tablet will have the ability to stay closed and entirely protected by its outer shell when you do not need to use it, twisting to reveal two separate pieces when you’re ready for some advanced Android action. 

This unit looks to be coming in a sleek white and gray color scheme and appears very much to be as thin a tablet as any of Archos competitors in the Android realm.

archos g10 xs ipad

During a press conference in France there is a small bit of information come out. Thus, the G10 XS very thin with 7.6 mm (that’s 20% thinner than the iPad 9.4 mm thick). Furthermore, the tablet costs between € 200 and € 300.

The keyboard dock magnetic screen protector is awesome. Archos has always innovated using Kick-stands, I hope they continue and I think using the kick-stand is the best way to make the thinnest, coolest ARM Powered Tablet/Laptop convertible. If possible the kick-stand angle can be adjustable. 

If you’re in an airplane and the space is limited, you don’t need to use the kick-stand, the tablet can rest against the seat that is in front of you. Preferably in a way so that the kick-stand can also still be used even when the keyboard dock is magnetically fixed behind the tablet.
archos g10 xs grey with keyboard
For the processor on Archos G10, I think that one can expect either the OMAP4470 1.8Ghz Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 with SGX544 graphics or even the OMAP5430 which can also run upwards 1.8Ghz or more and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box, this along with, once again, a low cost for a full package.

Archos claims to have technology that makes G10 the thinnest tablet on the market. Something about patented paper-thin steel assembly technology. Archos has always been good at fitting huge battery capacity in extremely thin designs. It depends if Archos plans to release the G10 mid-year or by the end of the year. Archos CEO Henri Crohas sees a great opportunity to expand that lead with his company.