Virtual 3D goggles Moverio BT-100

Moverio BT-100, a high resolution wearable 3D goggles from Epson. Moverio is capable of producing a virtual image equivalent to an 80-inch display viewed from 16.4 feet away. The portable controller and headset allows users to browse, shop and stay connected while still being part of their environment.

It runs on an Android 2.2 platform with Adobe Flash 11 support. Moverio’s Wi-Fi connectivity with nearly 6 hours of battery life lets you to stream movies from sites like YouTube, listen to music, check email, play games, book tickets or research new restaurants from virtually anywhere life takes you.
Imagine playing an online flight simulation game one minute and the next minute flying a drone plane while simultaneously viewing the live video feed from the drone’s cameras projected in front of your eyes as an 80″ perceived image.
Moverio lets users project digital 3D images into their actual environment. The arms both contain small pico projectors that aim images onto mirrors in each lens. The glasses can show either 2-D or 3-D content on a small, high-def screen. Glasses include 1GB on-board storage capacity plus a MicroSD card (4GB card included).

Controls are managed through a wired remote with a touch pad and the standard Android navigation buttons. It lets you to access content from a variety of sources, including the built-in gallery and music apps. Epson publishes the kernel and an SDK, but developers will have to submit apps to the company for consideration.
When it’s time to relocate, simply slip the glasses back into the included carrying case. The stylish case (designed to fit inside your laptop bag), battery charger and ear phones to enjoy Dolby Mobile virtual surround sound are all included. 
The sides of the glasses are semitransparent, so you can still see what’s happening in the real world if needed, without getting completely distracted by it.

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