Vantablack is The World’s New Blackest Black Material


The super black material named Vantablack absorbs 99.96% of light that falls on it. It is manufactured by UK based Surrey Nanosystems through their low-temperature carbon nanotube synthesis process.


The process deposits vertically aligned nanotube arrays (VANTAs) repeatedly and accurately on various temperature sensitive and light weight materials like aluminium. The VANTA black coating is chemically inert, environmentally safe, resists shock and vibration.


Potential applications of vantablack

For wide range of applications, Surrey NanoSystems patented process can also deposit these black coatings precisely on either flat or three dimensional (3D) structures.


Vantablack’s ultra-low reflectance finds applications in space and terrestrial calibration instruments, infra-red detectors and stray light suppression in optical instruments. It can be coated on internal components such as apertures, baffles, cold shields and Micro Eelectro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).


The super-black material has been extensively tested and characterized by UK National Physics Laboratory (NPL) and EnerSys’ ABSL Space Products Division.


“We are now scaling up production to meet the requirements of our first customers in the defence and space sectors, and have already delivered our first orders.”, says Surrey NanoSystems’ CTO Ben Jensen.



About Raguraman M

An Aeronautical engineer, currently serving as a Configuration Specialist at QuEST Global. Previously served as a Project Assistant at National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).