Nano-generators – new power source for portable electronics

Energy requirements are increasing everyday with increased use of electronics. Energy shortage is one of the prime issues in many countries today.
Nano-Electric Power Generation
A Nanogenerator converts small scale physical change like mechanical or heat energy into electricity. Piezoelectric, Tribo-electric and Pyro-electric are three types of nanogenerators that are capable of producing electric power.
Researchers have demonstrated nano power generation by using the generated power to drive wireless sensor systems, LCDs, LEDs and even charging a portable Lithium Ion battery.

They used a pyroelectric nanogenerator (PENG) which provided an output voltage of 22 V for a 45K temperature change. This output voltage powered a liquid crystal display (LCD) for more than 60 seconds. It even charged a Li-ion battery which is used to power a green light emitting diode (LED).
Researchers also used an arch shaped triboelectric generator (TENG) which obtained an output voltage of 230 V with an energy conversion efficiency of 10-39%. Researchers say that the generated power could numerous applications in portable electronics.

Power generated by these nano generators can be a sustainable power source for cell phones and other gadgets in near future.