1919 old lens on Canon 5D makes retro images

Instead of recreating the retro look using an app, or simply buying an old camera, Hollywood video director Jason Bognacki decided to combine the best of both worlds by attaching  an old camera lens to his modern digital camera.

Making photos look retro has become a massive craze sweeping the world, with mobile phone apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic proving hugely popular.

Jason Bognacki attached a Piccolette Contessa-Nettel camera lens made in 1919 to his modern digital camera.

The director managed to fuse the two very different technologies together to create his bizarre looking hybrid camera. ‘I’ve had this Piccolette Contessa-Nettel folding camera for ages,’ he said. ‘Its been a great piece of photo history sitting on my shelf.

He was curious if it could make pictures again, so he hacked it onto his Canon 5D. Here are the results.

‘The pictures, including snaps of his dog and landscape shots have become an online hit, recreating the retro look of older pictures in a digital format. You can see his all images here.

Mr Jason Bognacki, who also works as a photographer, has also experimented with dozens of other vintage cameras and posted the results online on his blog todays tomorrow.

The Zeiss-manufactured lens on the Piccolette has a fixed focal length of 7.5cm and a maximum aperture of f6.3. This old lens from the look of its sharpness in image is amazing.
Image Credits: Jason Bognacki