All about Windows Blue – future platform for Windows

Windows Blue
Windows Blue is yet to be released Windows platform that allows Microsoft to release yearly updates like Apple OS. Windows Blue is predicted to be very low in price because of its frequent updates. 

This update can be obtained through Windows store built into Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows RT. Microsoft is planning to release all its big updates via Windows store. 

Recently Microsoft career site mentioned about Windows Blue confirming their future release. Windows Blue will also be available for Windows phones. Like Apple, Microsoft will now be able to optimize the performance of their operating system and release new features once in a while.

Windows Blue will improve most of the current features in Windows 8 operating system. According to the sources, Windows Blue will feature a start button like the traditional windows operating systems.

There will be improvements in user interface with changes in customization, applications, energy management and lots more. The new OS is predicted to be released later this year.

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