Tips for Quick Shopping in an Online Flash Sale

Implement these online flash sale tips, and it will only take less than a minute to complete your purchase.

  1. Don’t try to order using a mobile phone. Use a laptop or computer browser to order.
  2. Create an account beforehand and save your address/card details so that you don’t have to enter the address again during the sale.
  3. Open the web page 10 minutes before the start of the sale.
  4. When the sale is about to start, keep refreshing the web page. For example, if the sale starts at 12:00 pm, keep refreshing the web page from 11:59 pm.
  5. And as soon as you see the buy button, click and add to cart.
  6. After adding to cart, select cash on delivery option if it’s available. That what will be the fastest way.
  7. If you select, card payment, it might take time to enter card details and the sale will be over before you finish adding your card details. So, selecting the cash on delivery is the fastest way to complete the purchase. In case it does not have a cash on delivery option, select the saved card to complete the purchase as soon as possible.

Happy shopping!

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