How to type faster on a computer keyboard?

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    Santhosh Kumar D

    How to type faster on a computer keyboard?

    Sit in a straight posture and make sure your back is straight. Make sure your elbows are bent at a right angle. Face the computer screen by slightly tilting your head forward.

    Don’t sit too far or too close to the screen. Sit at a comfortable distance. Make sure the distance between your eyes and the screen is around 45-70cm. This will help reduce the strain on your eyes.

    Rest your wrists on the tabletop in front of your keyboard. Place your fingers on the ASDF and JKL; keys. This is called the “home row”. Let your fingers return to this position when fingers are at rest.

    Place your fingers on keys as follows:
    • Letter A – Left pinky finger
    • Letter S – Left ring finger
    • Letter D – Left middle finger
    • Letter F – Left index finger
    • Letter J – Right index finger
    • Letter K – Right middle finger
    • Letter L – Right ring finger
    • Colon/semicolon :; – Right pinky finger
    • Space bar – Left and right thumbs

    Memorize the order of letters and punctuation keys on the keyboard. This will help you to type faster without looking at the keyboard.

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