• AIRO wrist band


    AIRO Wrist Band Takes Health Monitoring to a New Level

    The AIRO wrist band from the startup AIRO Health automatically monitors your nutrition intake, stress patterns, daily exertion and sleep quality. What makes it stand out from other traditional health trackers is that combines sleep, exercise, stress...

  • NASA Kepler mission


    NASA Kepler Mission Finds 833 New Planets

    400 Scientists from 30 different countries gathered this week at the second Kepler Science Conference at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, California. Discussions were made on the results from analysis of Kepler Space Telescope data....

  • Aerospace

    DARPA plans for Reusable Hypersonic Unmanned Space Plane

    Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency aims to develop a reusable hypersonic unmanned vehicle that can lower the operational costs and make the spacecraft more reliable. With current satellite launch vehicles, it is expensive to operate them in...

  • Marine

    DARPA’s Hydra program to develop unmanned undersea vehicles

    Unmanned vehicles have been employed in the air force and in the army. Now these unmanned autonomous vehicles have found its way to the navy. In few years from now, you will be seeing unmanned undersea vehicles...

  • Internet

    Latest Technology has made Internet TV more popular over TV

    If you are unable to watch your favorite television shows due to your busy schedule or other reasons, there is good news for you. Software applications have been designed, which aim to offer you, live television on...

  • Environmental

    World Vegetation Map by NASA and NOAA shows differences in Green

    The image generated using the data from NASA/NOAA Suomi NPP satellite reveals differences in greenness among various contnents. The satellite data are collected based on difference between how much energy is absorbed by the land versus how...

  • Internet

    Google Project Loon to provide Balloon Powered Internet

    According to Google, two-thirds of the global population does not have access to the internet. New Project Loon by Google aims at providing internet accessibility to remote and disaster struck areas to get the people online. Wind...

  • Automotive

    Sat Navs of Tomorrow!

    Satellite navigation has been a godsend to tens of millions of people around the world today, almost single handedly wiping out any male bravado regarding asking strangers for directions. To any members of the fairer sex who...

  • How technology will impact your driving for better or worse


    How Technology Will Impact Your Driving for Better or Worse

    The technology we use during transit today were once just blueprints on the drawing board. Features such as; Power steering, ABS, and Satellite navigation, at one time, were all at the cutting edge of technology. Let’s see...

  • Gadgets

    New Samsung Galaxy S4 – Features and Specifications

    Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest addition to the Galaxy series. Like other Galaxy models, S4 comes with new attractive features and specifications. It has a beautiful 5 inch full HD AMOLED display and powered by a...