Get Past the ‘Your Connection Is Not Private’ on Chrome

Unlike Firefox, Chrome is not that good at letting you browse sites that have a problem with their SSL certificates. So here is a nifty tip to get past this warning.

Before that! You should be aware that if you are about to do something sensitive, and you see this message on your banking payment gateway, you should back away from any further interactions.

Use a new browser to see if the issue is with their SSL certificate. If you face issues, call up your bank and let them know about this.

In case, if it’s not that big deal to you, you may follow this tip. (Example scenario – a blog that runs SSL and you simply want to read stuff on it) But stay safe anyway!

Check your computer clock. If it’s ahead or behind, it will screw up your SSL connection with the server you are trying to access.

At the bottom of the error message, click on the advanced option. You should see a link that says ‘proceed to (unsafe)’. If there is no such thing, follow the next one.

When you are on the error page, just type ‘badidea’ anywhere.

Just to be safe. Don’t do any transactions or sensitive interactions on a site that have a mucked up SSL connection.

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