Free up Internal Storage Space on Your Android Device

Have you run out of internal storage space on your Android device? I had this problem on my Android. Here are some quick tips I have learned to free up some internal storage space.

Uninstall unwanted apps.

Remove all apps and games you no longer need. Go to Settings > Apps and check how much space each app is occupying on your phone. Think about whether you need this app. Some default Android apps cannot be removed easily. So you need to do some hacking to remove these default apps.

Move photos to cloud storage or memory card.

We all love taking photos. Your smartphone takes high-quality photos which takes up much space than you think. Once in a while, move your photos to a computer or back them up online using services like Google Photos, Dropbox, Flickr, etc.

Videos take up so much memory.

Videos take up a lot of space. Move videos to a computer or any storage device. You can always upload those videos to YouTube and mark them as private videos.

Move your music files to the memory card.

Delete music files that you no longer listen to. Try to use music streaming services for listening to music without having to store songs on your device. Move all your music files to your SD card.

Keep an eye on your downloads folder.

Check your downloads folder and delete larger files that you don’t need anymore. Move big files to the memory card or to cloud storage.

Clear cache.

All your apps save a lot of data like sounds, images, downloads. These saved data gets piled up over time on your internal memory. So always clear your cache once in a while by going to Settings > Apps and clear the cache on each app.

Move apps to the memory card.

Some apps allow you to move them to the memory card. Go to Settings > Apps and check each app whether it allows you to move them to the memory card. Managing your applications is necessary to take control of your storage space and to improve the performance of your android.

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