• Internet

    Google Project Loon to provide Balloon Powered Internet

    According to Google, two-thirds of the global population does not have access to the internet. New Project Loon by Google aims at providing internet accessibility to remote and disaster struck areas to get the people online. Wind...

  • Automotive

    Sat Navs of Tomorrow!

    Satellite navigation has been a godsend to tens of millions of people around the world today, almost single handedly wiping out any male bravado regarding asking strangers for directions. To any members of the fairer sex who...

  • How technology will impact your driving for better or worse


    How Technology Will Impact Your Driving for Better or Worse

    The technology we use during transit today were once just blueprints on the drawing board. Features such as; Power steering, ABS, and Satellite navigation, at one time, were all at the cutting edge of technology. Let’s see...