Education Version 2.0: An Innovative Notion


This article was originally published on July 16, 2012.

As the world wondered what is Higgs Boson, most laymen found that the explanation in a cartoon and an interactive fashion was more comprehending than the explanations given via a notebook or blackboards. I’ve been wondering what if all the complex ideas get in to an interactive world and take shapes of cartoons. In my college, its the old way, indeed every college follow the same method with occasional touch of presentations. 

I bet the Educational TVChannel’s Documentary team can beat the noted professors and his pages of theories when it comes to explaining a complex subject to a group of laymen and enthusiastic students. As a matter of fact, the Multimedia Team would be meaningless without the pages of theories. The system is, that it must work with the root as the professors and the fruit as the CGI animations. So the system that we follow now is in demand of a major invigoration and a revolution.

I see it as the best way of educating students around the world in this era, that demands extreme level of technological preferment. Its not just my idea, most of the guys like me would’ve flashed this idea mutually.

When art and technology are mixed with the knowledge of educators and fed to the students, it could provoke new dimensions of innovations and perk up the young minds to contribute to a better future. Please, move your blackboards and bring in a versatile touch interactive system.

The adoption of this new system would rather sound absurd as people always tell that I usually think in gigantic scale. It’ll be really an arduous thing practically, as it involves a huge investment and consumes more effort to produce a versatile screen and takes a lot of effort to make an interactive CGI to fulfill the theories and concepts enough for the student’s level and to accomplish the intention that most of them understand them clearly and easily, in an expected way by the curriculum requirements. I’m sure its no big deal than a rocket science. So, my dear scholars and educators around the world, I request you to add flavors and colors to your monochromatic teachings, by using the Multimedia to its limits and beyond, no matter what it takes.

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Aeronautical engineer and a science enthusiast. Also an editor & founder of Svash Media.