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An Animated Screen Saver to Inspire you Throughout the year


Happy New Year 2013

Our blog was launched in February 18, 2012. Starting a technology blog was my dream for years. It was hard in the beginning to come up with a simple web design with no knowledge of HTML. Sometimes I may even thought about giving up but its because of our readers, I continued with my hope.

Now our blog has crossed hundred thousand page views. As we continue to work on improving the blog, we thank you for your continued support throughout the year.

Wishing a cheerful and prosperous new year to all our readers! The year 2012 has been a big one for us. But for some of us, it might not have been a good one. But never loose your inspiration!

Here is a colorful screensaver with a pleasant music to inspire you throughout the year. Thanks to EZONE for coming up this creative screensaver “A,B,C… of Life“.

To preview and download the screen saver, Visit:

Wait for the screensaver to load. Believe me its worth a wait! A screenshot from the screensaver. And yes, hang on to your dreams 🙂

Credits: Hafiz Khan, EZONE India

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