10 ways to book low-cost flights and save money on airfare

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    By making smarter bookings, you can always save a lot of money on airfares. Here are some 10 simple ways I use to cut the costs of my air travels.

    1. Book as early as 3 months

    Sometimes, booking as early as 3 months or 6 weeks prior to the flight date is always a good option. When you book very early, you get to choose your preferred seat and save on ticket costs. Also, you will have enough time to make any changes later if required.

    2. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly

    According to a study by FareCompare, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly. Booking your flight these days could save you on airfares. Flying in midweek is always a cheaper option.

    3. Always compare flights before booking

    Use travel websites to compare flight fares from different airlines. This will help you to book cheaper flights. Compare flight fares using these big travel sites like Expedia, Booking, and Tripadvisor.

    10 ways to book low-cost flights and save money on airfare

    4. Mix and match flights with different airlines

    Sometimes, flying with two different airlines saves you a lot. Some airlines are cheap for outbound flights and some are cheap for return flights. By choosing different airlines, you might have to depart and return from different airports but it sure will save you tons of money!

    5. Get a frequent flyer membership

    Becoming a member of an airline’s frequent flyer program could save you money every time you book. You can earn various rewards and points which you can use to discount your next flight.

    6. Be flexible on travel dates

    Changing your flight dates will save you money. Peak travel dates and holiday seasons are always costly to fly. So be flexible and choose your date wisely if you want to save money.

    Ways to book low-cost flights and save money on airfare

    7. Choose connecting flights instead of a non-stop flight

    Non-stop flights are always costly. For example, a non-stop flight between Seattle and Atlanta costs $769 whereas a one-stop flight costs $455. Try to book connecting flights with one or two stops in between your destination, you can actually save a lot.

    8. Cancel and book again if there is a price drop

    Once booked, you can always cancel and book again on a different date. (Note: Some airlines do charge cancellation fees). If you notice any price drops, you can always contact your airline customer support to cancel your ticket and book again on a lower fare.

    9. Fly from a cheaper airport

    This is especially useful if you have multiple airports near you. Flight fares vary between big and small airports. So, compare flights from multiple airports.

    10. Book your flight at the very last week (sometimes there won’t be any availability).

    Some domestic and international airlines cut fares at its last week when they are not able to fill their seats. Keep an eye on their flight offers. If you sign up for their flight alerts, you will know as soon as the price falls.

    Do you have any flight booking experiences? Do share it with us below.

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